Create a contact in Hubspot with Segment


Hi every one,

I try to create a Hubspot contact when I identify a user with Segment.
But when I identify the user, there is no contact created in Hubspot.

I’ve check the documentation ( and read that we have to call the “page” function if we want to send data to Hubspot with analytics.js.
I also read that we must call a track event after identified the user to send data to Hubspot.

So when a user open my create account form, I call the page function. And once the user submit the form, I identify it and then call the track function.

The problem is that no contact is created in Hubspot. Whereas Intercom which I also integrate with Segment create the user.

I checked http requests send from Chrome devtool and I see a request with the user traits formatted.
The url of this request is :
with some query params including one with the key “i” which contains the user traits formatted.

The data seem well sent but the user don’t appear in my contact list.

I already contact the support of Segment and after some analysis, they don’t find a problem on there side.

Did I miss something to create a Hubspot contact with Segment ?


Hey Fred,

Did you ever find a solution for this problem?


I've spent a lot of time looking into this problem, since in my team the data that is passed to Segment never reaches Hubspot, but does to other destinations; Did a test by loading the hubspot script and pushing identify, followed by a trackPageView, that works fine! Meanwhile, created similar basic html page with the segment script and following the docs and no data is created in hubspot. I'll report my findings to Segment.