Create a dynamic list from a custom field in API sync



We have an API sync from our proprietary CRM (Hub) over into HubSpots CRM. One field value that we mapped over is called "Account (Hub) Status"

In an email list creation, how do we create a dynamic list, based on selected values in that field container.

Example: In Hub, account is opened as "Active"--that record gets included in HubSpot's CRM and list. When account is turned over to "Declined" or similar, that list in HubSpot gets updated by removing them.

Basically, how do we create a list from a custom, mapped API field?


Hi @oregonduck,

Are you creating these lists via the Contacts List API? Or in-app? In either case, it depends on how the "Account (Hub) Status" property is stored in HubSpot. If it's a contact property, you can create list filters based on it in the same way you would a default HubSpot contact property. If it's updated in HubSpot in some other way, the list creation might be different. Without more details, it's tough to know for sure.