Create a form that syncs with HubSpot contact database



I want to create a form on my site that is connected to the HubSpot database. When the user types in the name of his company or the domain, he should be able to select his company (that already exists in the HubSpot database) and then the form will be auto-filled with the information of the selected company.

Another way could be that the user can select some filter like the state or city of his company and then gets a dropdown list of all companys from that city.

Is there any possibility to create a similar functionality for a form?


Hi @mo_yz, at this time, that's not a functionality in HubSpot. Since HubSpot's API's don't support AJAX for the most part, there wouldn't be a way to query the contact database, then the contact for a specific property, and then suggest and autocomplete as somebody is typing via our APIs. This whole setup would need to be custom coded and handled on your end. Let me know if you have questions.