Create a user using the API



Hello! I cannot seem to find a way to create a new user on a HubSpot portal using the API. Googling and searching the forum gives me various ways to create new contacts, but I’m looking for a way to create a new user. If there’s a way to do this without manually adding every single user, it would be great.


Hi @raihan

We don’t currently have an API to create users, so you’ll need to create the users through the HubSpot app.


So were is no way to sync my Active Directory to hubspot and auto create a user????


Hi, is this feature available now!?
We are looking for a way to create Hubspot user account via API. It would be great if this feature is available now in Hubspot. Pls let us know. Thanks.


Hi @boris_pustilnik and @marketfresh,

It is still not possible to create HubSpot users through an API, however it is now possible to create multiple users at once via CSV or Salesforce import.

I will pass this feedback along internally again, but the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum is the best place to share feature requests. The product teams regularly monitor posts and generally prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users.

If you would like such a users API added, please upvote and comment on this existing feature request: REST API FOR USERS AND TEAMS. I've just upvoted it myself.

I recommend including as much detail as possible per these best practices. The more the product teams understand a feature's use case, the more accurate they will be when scoping the feature.

Thank you for your understanding. I will close this topic to maximize feedback on this idea.