Create comment subscribers via API with "like" plugin


We want develop "like/dislike" functionality on blogs and offer users after they have "liked/disliked" a post the ability to receive comments on this post with an email, like the existing checkbox to receive the comments. How can we create comment subscribers via the API os users who "liked/disliked" a post.


Hi @markdelange,

I'm not entirely sure I understand the use case you're describing; are you saying that HubSpot users would be liking/disliking blog posts, and then only receiving email notifications for blog comments on their liked posts? Or are you saying that all visitors would be able to like blog posts, and would receiving email notifications for new comments on the blog posts they've liked?


Hi Derek,

It will be Hubspot users who will be liking/disliking blog posts. This functionality we will build outside Hubspot. We hoped to use a hubspot API to make them a comment subscribers for an article.




Hi @markdelange,

I understand; thanks for the clarification. Currently, the comment notification setting is at the blog level; it's not possible to 'subscribe' users to comments on specific posts. If you were to implement something like this outside of HubSpot, you'd need to use some workaround like polling the 'List blog comments' endpoint and listening for updates associated with blog posts that are 'liked' by your users.