Create companies in groups



I noticed that there is an api call to create or update a group of contacts with one api call. Is there anything similar for companies? I have slightly more than 10,000 so for the initial migration to hubspot I am worried about hitting the API limit. Anyone have a clever solution to get around this? Otherwise I will need to throttle on my end.


Hi Fridtjof,

There is not currently a batch endpoint for companies, but it’s a request we get regularly and the team is definitely aware of the need. For your initial import, there is some wiggle room built in with that limit (currently it is soft, with a higher hard limit). As long as you aren’t going majorly over with API calls, right now you won’t be cut off. How many companies do you need to migrate in?

We’re revisiting our call limits and the approach we take to enforcing them in the next month or two so you are likely to see some updates to the above in August, but if you are doing the import in the near future you should be in the clear.



We have around 14k companies to import.


Will 14k hit the hard limit?


No, 14k will be fine!


Awesome, thanks a bunch!



It’s been a year and I ran into the same issue. I need to update 20k companies every day, which is 20k API calls everyday. Is it possible we can update all the companies in one API calls? I know the limit is 40k calls, but we have many other API calls going on, so it’s risky if we spend half of API calls just on company property update.