Create contact with additional company information


Is it possible to create a contact via the API and include information about the company - specifically the assets_under_management property?
The following code does not work but gives an idea of what I am trying to do. In one pass I want to create a new contact with a company name and associated assets under management.

      properties: [{
        value: fname,
        property: "firstname"
      }, value: cname,
        property: "company"  //this works
        value: csize,
        property: "associated-company.assets_under_management"  //this does not work
I forsee potential problems here if multiple people try to update the same company assets under management, however thought I'd ask. 


Hi @dan5000

Updates to the company properties cannot be made through the Contacts API, you’d need to update the company separately using the Companies API.

Also, the company name property is a text field that’s not directly related to any company record that the contact might be associated with.