Create Deal API request required fields as configured in Create Deal Management Dialog



As per subject, anyone know if there is an API or property call to request which deals fields are required to create a deal via the API as configured in Create Deal Management Dialog? We'd like to configure an external create deals form to assume the same required field settings as configured in Hubspot w/o having to manually sync them when someone changes them in Hubspot.



Welcome, @skowronek.

I just wanted to confirm whether you meant to delete this topic. Did you find an answer?


I didn't delete it. It never got published. Said it was picked up for SPAM and had to be moderated.


Understood, @skowronek. I approved the topic in the moderation tool, but for some reason it still appeared as deleted.

To clarify, by "Create Deal Management Dialog," are you referring to the UI settings I depict below, located in Settings > Sales > Deals > Set the properties your team sees when creating deals > Manage?

If so, there is no way to retrieve or alter these settings via the Deals API at this time. I can't think of a way to match the required fields in your external form to an account's settings without the involvement of a user in the corresponding account.

While I certainly see value in such a feature, I could not find any similar existing feature requests on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. If you feel so inclined, I recommend posting a new request on the forum for our product teams to see. If you share a link here, I will be happy to upvote it.


Yes, this is exactly what we're looking for. Surprised doesn't already exist. I've submitted an idea for consideration. Thanks for the help.


Hey, @skowronek,

Yeah, I'm a bit surprised too. Would you share a link to your feature request so that others viewing this topic can upvote and comment as well?


For sure. Here is the idea I posted: