Create dynamic pdf from a form/UX


Hi, I am developing a quote builder in a HubSpot COS website as a module. I will ask prospects a series of questions. The desired output will be a dynamically generated PDF. Using PHP I am familiar with fPDF.

Does anyone have any idea as to whether it is possible to generate a PDF on a hubspot site?



Welcome, @aleonzzz!

First thing's first; I love your username and profile photo! Well done, Doctor.

That said, I have yet to learn of someone who successfully generated PDFs on a HubSpot page. (Connor responded to a similar query a few weeks ago.)

I think you are onto something with leveraging fPDF, but you wouldn't be able to execute the PHP directly on the page, per this discussion.

I would love for other community members to jump in with their thoughts, though!


Hi, I think PHP will not work in this case, you will need a client side support. I think this may be the answer. You can check to generate PDF dynamically.


Hi all, thanks for these responses, I will check out the javascript option, that sounds promising.