Create "event" in user's timeline



Hello, I would like to create a log in a user's timeline. Do I need a developer account also?
I used API endpoint to create a new user in "Contacts". To do so, I needed only HAPI key. In your docs, I have read that HAPI key is not supported in order to create an event or log in a user's timeline. So I need an OAuth token.

My question is: Do I need to create a developer account for that? What is a process to search user by his email and then log some event to his timeline?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Tomas,

A developer portal is required to use the Timeline API, which allows you to create custom timeline events. But depending on your use case, you don't necessarily need the Timeline API. For example, if you're just adding notes to a contact's timeline, you could use the Engagements API. I've included the docs for both below: