Create Hub - not test hub


hi everybody. im using the api to create contacts and add them to lists, etc. for this i created an application and a test hub (following the indications in the documentation). everything is working perfect, i can see the contacts being created and added to a list. the question is, how do i create a hub that is not for testing and wont dissapear after 90 days? do i need an upgrade in my account to be able to do this? or i’m just unable to find the button to create one? help?

HubSpot Integration App Problem: You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator

Hi @Alejandro_van_Houtte,

You can sign up for the free CRM here:

Test portals are equivalent to Marketing Enterprise portals; for more information on the various HubSpot product offerings, check out our pricing page:


So you are telling me if I have a basic package either we get an enterprise one, or rewrite the whole thing, right? because we can't use the api with what we have, is that correct?


Hi @Alejandro_van_Houtte,

Maybe? If your integration takes advantage of Marketing Enterprise functionality, then you won't be able to access that functionality in a Marketing Basic portal. If the integration only uses features that Marketing Basic portals have access to, you should be fine.

Based on your initial description, it sounds like your integration creates contacts and lists? All HubSpot product tiers have access to contacts, and HubSpot Marketing Basic, Pro, and Enterprise have access to the lists tool. If you have HubSpot Marketing Basic, and your integration uses the contacts and contact lists APIs, it should work just fine.


Ok, that's great @Derek_Gervais . However, I can't find the way to create a hub (only find the option for test hub)


Hi @Alejandro_van_Houtte,

You'll need to signup for a 'real' account; the free CRM link I included above will start you off on the signup flow for the free CRM.


thanks @Derek_Gervais!