Create multiple contacts in one form?



I have a checkout form which posts to a checkout form inside hubspot.

There’s an option to “add attendants”, each time we click this button a fieldset of first name, last name and email is added to the form.

Upon checkout I loop through each attendant and post it to the attendant form in hubspot.

The problem I’m having is that each attendant isn’t being added as a contact, our hubspot guy says it’s because it’s because the hubspot cookie is associated with the contact.

So my question is how do I loop through my attendant fieldsets and create/update a contact for each?



Hi @Kyle_Joseph

Are you using the Forms API for this? If that is the case, you’d need to exclude the hutk value in hs_context for the attendant submissions. HubSpot uses the hutk cookie value to deduplicate contacts, so if you omit that from the submissions, they would only deduplicate based on the email address.


Hi @dadams,

Yea, it does work thanks, I think i did actually try that but I was getting confused with the contacts that I had already created.

Thanks :slight_smile: