Create new contact without an email


I'm building an integration between Hubspot and our VoIP phone system. I want to create a new contact when a phone call is received (if I can't find the phone number associated with an existing contact). Is this possible? Here is my test code:

    private void test()
        var client = new RestClient("");
        client.Authenticator = new JwtAuthenticator(acessToken);
        var request = new RestRequest("contacts/v1/contact/", Method.POST);
        request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json;

            properties = new[] {
                new { property ="email", value = "" },
                new { property ="firstname", value = firstname },
                new { property ="lastname", value = string.Empty },
                new { property ="phone", value = phone }

        IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);

This works if I have a value in the email address variable, but will not if the email is blank. Obviously I won't have an email address initially when the call comes in.


Hi @VoIPTools,

You should be able to create a contact without an email. Are you omitting the email property entirely, or are you trying to set it to a blank string? You'll want to do the former to avoid HubSpot's email address validation checks.