Create or Update a Group of Contacts - Some VIDs not created


Submitted on behalf of Customer:

I’m using Create or Update a Group of Contacts API:

I am using VID rather than email address. The batch is being processed - some contacts are updated, some are not. The ones that are not are because there are no such VIDs in my portal (either they don’t exist or are deleted)

I get a “202” message that everything is fine, everything has been processed etc. I understand from the messaging in the API docs that “If an email address is used, and there is not an existing record with that email address, then a new contact record will be created.”

What is the expected behavior if I use VID instead of email and there is not an existing record with that VID?


@rarmistead that endpoint cannot create new contacts using a vid, only an email, so if you use a vid that doesn’t exist, that update will be dropped. The 202 response returned by the endpoint means that the data has been accepted, but the data is put into a queue for processing, since the actual updates happen asynchronously. If you’re not sure if the vid is valid, you’d want to use the email address instead.


I have this kind of problem but with update. From time to time when I updated contact by VID I got 202 but nothing happend. It’s only from time to time, it’s really weird. Is it possible to check that you got request from my side? We are sure that contact with that vid exist. We used /contacts/v1/contact/batch/ and sent only one contact.