Create or Update group of deal




We are developing application which will create or update deal in Hubspot from our customer facing application. We are looking for Hubspot API which will create or update deal in batch (Same way we have an api for contact - POST /contacts/v1/contact/batch/)

Do we have an API for this or any plans in the future to create this kind of API?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Rahul Soni.


@rsoni there aren’t currently any public APIs for batch creating/updating anything but contacts. It’s definitely on the radar, but I don’t have an ETA for when that will be released for public consumption.



I would like to add another vote for adding bulk functionality to the deals API with a /batch endpoint similar to what is available on contact. We would like to take advantage of the deals functionality but we blow through the API limit before we even get started. With 30,000 contacts I’m able to update them in 300 API calls with a batch of 100 each. If I move to use deals then I’ll be making at least 30,000 calls to update a deal since I need to do it individually. On top of that I’ll have to make calls to first fetch a list of contacts and and inspect the deal IDs associated with that contact.

Alternatively, instead of updating in batch we’ve considered event driven updates. But in a system with a lot of activity it would be easy to blow through the API sending events. I shouldn’t need to build logic into my application to selectively filter the events I send in order to stay under HubSpot’s API limits. My system should do what it does and fire events and the downstream system should be able to accept and potentially filter events and decide which ones to process.

From every angle I look at it we’ll blow through the API limit. Is there something I’m missing? It seems to me that if I’m using the HubSpot API and I have a lot of customer activity that I grow out of HubSpot pretty quickly due to API limits even if the rest of the system seems quite capable.



Are there any news on this topic? I need a batch insert deal API as well, @seb_fairchild.


Hi all,

Batch endpoints for deals still don't exist; new endpoints for CRM objects like that will likely be in the form of added functionality for the CRM Objects API. Stay tuned to the Platform Changelog for updates on new releases/functionality.