Create pipeline with API



Good morning everyone,

I tried to create a pipeline via API, but It was impossible because its launched an error which says that there is a property with the same name. These are the steps what I’ve followed:

  1. With postman I try to execute as API says post request with json and the response retrieves the error:

  2. In order to verify which pipeline contains the stage "ax_processing”, I retrieved all of the pipelines as you can see in the picture:

It’s only shown default pipeline and it doesn’t contain "ax_processing” stage into.

  1. However, we could see that if we try to create manually this stage in Hubspot.

It’s created correctly.

Is there something more to do for create the stage with API? Is this issue out of the scope?

Thank you in advance


Hi @cmira

The stageId needs to be unique across all stages for all pipelines, so if you have another pipeline with a stage using the ax_processing stageId, you’d get that error.

Stages have both the internal stageId as well as the label which you’d see in HubSpot, and when you create the stage in HubSpot you can only set the label, and the internal stageId will get set to a unique GUID instead of using the same string as the label.