Create property like hs_analytics_last_timestamp



What property type and format should a format like hs_analytics_last_timestamp be in? This is a field created by Hubspot. According to Hubspot, this is a single line text field, stored in milliseconds. If I try to recreate this, it does nothing but show the milliseconds. A datepicker field will only be the date, but what if I want the time? It looks like we could use the single line text, and store it as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM to help with ordering, but there has to be a better way.

The goal would be to have the Last Seen data formatting within the web app, with a custom property we create.


Answering my own questions here. It’s not well documented, but you call with a body of

“fieldType”: “date”,
“groupName”: “groupnamexxxxx”,
“type”: “datetime”

You need to have a date fieldType, but a datetime field. This can only be done via the API.