Create second contact on form submit



Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever managed to create two contacts simultaneous from (ostensibly) one HubSpot form?

Requirement is something along the lines of 'refer a friend' where a visitor who submits a form is created as a contact, but they also enter the email of someone else who is also created as another contact. Trying to do this without using custom forms that then need the HS form submit API building to work.

Thanks, Phil.


Hi @philvallender, there doesn't exist a feature like this in HubSpot, but you could conceivably create a custom property for an email recommendation, have the form submitted and create the contact in hubspot, but also send that data to your own server, where you could take the value from that custom field and use the contacts api to create a new contact with its own custom property of something like "referred" to tell if the contact was referred or not. Just a thought, but if anybody else has ideas feel free to comment!