Create single button to opt out of cookies (including HubSpot's cookies)


Someone must have come across this situation before: we have an ecommerce site that uses several different tracking technologies. Rather than have a page of buttons to opt out of each cookie individually, we’d like one opt out button. I’m sure that other people in Europe have the same issue: one button to globally opt out of tracking is an obvious requirement.

it’s actually not that hard for most cookies. But we’ve not been able to get anything working for the HubSpot cookie, despite several support sessions (which have not always given consistent answers!).

The problem is:

  • There used to be an option to get an opt-out button. I’ve been told this is no longer possible.
  • The ONLY way to have an opt out button is to have the HS opt-out notice (accept/decline buttons)
  • We can hide this notice using CSS, and simulate a button click on the decline button when our global opt-out button is clicked. So we can incorporate this in the global opt-out functionality
  • BUT page views are not tracked unless you click the accept button
  • And clicking the accept button makes the banner go away, so you can’t opt out once you’ve clicked accept. So we can’t have our site “automatically” simulate an accept click, as this would mean the banner is no longer served and so we can’t ever opt out (either manually or using the global opt-out button).

How do we solve this conundrum? I cannot believe that other ecommerce sites are happy to have multiple cookie banners, nor can I believe we’re the only ones trying to offer a single opt-out button.

Please help…