Create Translation API?



I am working on an application that uses HubSpot REST API and I get a page JSON from this endpoint:{pageId}

Now I need to upload a localized version of the page (linked to the original one but with a different language) but I cannot find anything like that at the API docs. Is it possible to use the REST API to do the “Create Translation” workflow that is provided in HubSpot admin UI?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @Filip_Rachunek,

There isn’t currently an endpoint to generate translated content. I’m not aware of plans to implement a translation API, but I’d be happy to pass this idea along internally. I’d also recommend posting this to the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community.


Hello @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for your response and suggestions. I will definitely use the Ideas Forum too.



Hello @Derek_Gervais,

I understand there is no translation API. But is there a "manual" way to add a document to a translation group?
As an example, I currently

  • cloned a master landing page
  • updated the clone with translations in a given language

This works and a cloned, translated document exists. But is there a way to link the translated page back into the translation group of the master document via API?

Thank you