Create Workflow Email for Timeline events



Hi @dadams: Could you please let me know the procedure to send to create workflow email for timeline events which was created by timeline api. Also i would like to use timeline event properties as token in email template for workflow email.

Actually i have tried to workflow email for my custom timeline events but email is not sending. Can you please let me know is there any procedure which i need to follow.


Hi @sathish

Timeline events can be used as the criteria to start a workflow (as well as for creating lists), but the details for the timeline event cannot be used by any emails that the workflow would send. The only exception to this would be timeline event properties that are mapped to contact properties, since you could use those contact properties in the email.


HI @dadams:

Thanks for your clarification but when i try to map the contact property then i am getting error like this Mapping app custom properties to contact properties in Hubspot.

One more Question: If we map the timeline event property with default contact property, will it overwrite previous contact value because a particular email would contain more than one email.

For example:

Event Type: Became a Member
Fields: email,firstname,license_type an state

Consider we have mapped all the above fields with contact properties

So consider we have two different events, there are

Event 1:
name: sathish
state: California

name: sathish
state: Texas

Will license_type and state overwrite in the contact properties? because both are same email, that’s why

Thanks advance


@sathish at the moment only writable default properties can be mapped from timeline event properties, so you won’t be able to map to custom properties.

Properties will be overwritten for existing contacts, so if you created two events for the same email the second event would update mapped contact properties.


HI @dadams: Thanks for your reply.

is this possible to check workflow with historical contact data? and is it possible historical data in email template.


Workflows can be triggered based on historical values, using filters like “has ever been equal to”, but emails will only use the current value of properties.


HI @dadams: Thanks for your reply.

Is there any option to send the historical contact data to the third party application via workflow webhook or not?

if yes, please let me know the steps to do that.