`createdate` set to 0?



Hello everyone!

It’s my first post here :slight_smile:
I wanted to check with you guys out a problem some of our integration users started to experience since yesterday.

We are doing a two way synchronization from our platform to Hubspot Contacts.
First we create users in batches, then we sync back fields from Hubspot.
Yesterday we started to get strange value for createdate property for that backsync:

"createdate": {
    "value": "0",
    "versions": [
            "value": "0",
            "source-type": null,
            "source-id": null,
            "source-label": null,
            "timestamp": 0,
            "selected": false

From what I found here (API POST createdate on company) the createdate property should be auto set by the Hubspot API. And this is exactly what we were doing till now.
Was there any change in behaviour here? Or this looks like a bug we need to report?

Best regards


Hi @Michal_Raczka,

That’s certainly strange behavior. Can you send me a link to the contact record this came from so I can take a look?


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

sure, here is some testing user who got 0 createdate:



Hi @Michal_Raczka,

That’s rather strange. Let me touch base with product on this to see what happened. If you have any other examples, it’d be helpful to have them here. I’ll also reach back out here when I have more information.


Thank you @Derek_Gervais for looking into the case.

It looks like I’ve got 108 contacts like this for my testing portal.

More examples:



Hi @Michal_Raczka,

Thank you for the examples. Product was able to identify the issue and roll out a fix, so you shouldn’t see this issue going forward. They’re currently working on a job to fix existing contacts in this state; once that’s rolled out, you’ll see the create date of these existing contacts update to the proper values. If you have any other questions related to this issue, please don’t hesitate to reach back out on this thread.


That’s great news @Derek_Gervais!

I still see some users with createdate === 0, but I assume that those are users already created in such state. We will monitor it and get back to you if any related issue occurs.

Thanks again for the support.