createOrUpdate Existing Properties



I am using the createOrUpdate endpoint in order to update a customer (or add a customer) and to add that particular customer to a specific list.

My problem is I do not know if that customer already exists and - if so - what contact data they already have.

I know I can do a call before hand - download the contact properties - and update accordingly.

I was wondering if there was an easier/shorter way.

My problem is I am overwriting fields that contain data with blanks. I am sending over empty strings for blank data. If I do something like firstname: null instead of firstname: “” will that leave the existing data alone?

I am trying to not have to rewrite my code. Thanks


Hi @mcmillansp,

You can use the create or update endpoint to update an existing contact (if it exists) or create a new one (if it doesn’t). If there are properties that you don’t want to update, you should exclude them from your request. Any properties included in your request will overwrite existing properties.