Creating a Calendar Module



I am wondering if anyone on HubSpot has found success using some sort of Calendar module on their pages. One of our clients is moving away from WordPress and getting onto HubSpot, and they had a calendar listing module for all their upcoming (and previous) webinars and workshops.

Initially, my idea was to convert the Calendar module into a HubSpot blog listing module. The tricky part is getting the correct order of listing - events closer to the current date at the top, and events further away should be farther down the listing. As I began to think about this more, getting the past events out of the way and bringing the future events closer to the top would be a lot of manual work if I made it as a blog module.

So, has anyone done an Event Calendar in HubSpot that is pretty easily editable/embeddable?

Thanks for any information!


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

At a glance, there appear to be a number of calendar plugins for sites out there that should work with a HubSpot hosted website. I’ve included links to a couple, but would love to hear what others in the community have tried: