Creating a Contact from utk



We have a marketing site ( that we use and then run our signups through a subdomain ( We’re trying to link an account that’s created on the subdomain to the user data (web analytics, referrers, etc) to the account that’s created on our service (where an email is typically entered). We’re using our own form on our subdomain to create the account.

We have access to the utk on both domains through the hubspot cookie. When we capture the user data using our own form, we’d like to take the vid associated with the utk and turn that into a contact with the email address and customer information that we capture.

When we access the vid from the utk using the API call:

The “is-contact” property is returning False. We’ve tried to forcefully update a record through the vid, event though the is-contact property is false, using the following API call:

However, we’re receiving an error:
“Can’t set properties when vid is not a contact.”

Is there a way to create a contact based on a utk (where the associated vid is not yet a contact)?

Or is there a better way to accomplish this?



Hi Daniel, what you’re looking for is the Forms API. This is the endpoint to pass through submission data collected from your own form, and create a tracked contact (with UTK) in HubSpot. Please have a look at that documentation and let us know if you have any questions!


Hi Gordon,

We’ve integrated with the Forms API per your recommendation and are passing in the hutk as part of the context fields when submitting the form per the IPA spec.

New contacts are being added and attributed to the form, however hubspot is still not showing any previous browsing data or referral attribution - it seems as though the new contact isn’t being attributed to the existing hutk. The first entry in hubspot for any of these contacts is “Contact Name was created from Direct Traffic”.

Is there anything additional we need to do?


Hey Daniel, that should be all you need to do. Would you be able to provide an example request body you’re sending to HubSpot? Feel free to DM me with that and I can take a look.


Hi Gordon,
I work with Daniel and can provide you the example request body via DM.



Hi Gordon,
I have the same problem, how did you resolve it?

Thanks, Paco