Creating a new contact using Zapier, error on "invalid email"



Hello! I am using Zapier to build contact workflows with Hubspot CRM. I see in the docs that the contacts endpoint does not require email address to be included to create a new record, however, the App Zapier built requires an email address. No big deal; even if we don't have an email address available at the time of the automation, we can just pass through a "dummy" address until we get the real one later.

Of course with Hubspot iterating their email validation parameters probably all of the time to improve, seemingly random "invalid error" messages are popping up (for example, I tried to send "" and it errored.)

Zapier support says it's on Hub to address this, but according to this thread, if the email address is simply an empty string, the contact should be created anyway (Create new contact without an email).

Any support reps have insight into this issue? Zapier says they have many customers asking about it, and are pointing the finger at Hub, but from my perspective, Zapier just needs to pass through the email address as an empty string.


Hi @Tom_Copeland,

I'm not in direct communication with Zapier on this, but it might not necessarily be as simple as passing in an empty string. That would be the case if they were using that specific endpoint, but there are other methods of contact creation (notably, the bulk create methods) that require an email address. I can't speak to Zapier's architecture for obvious reasons, but they might be able to address some of those specific concerns.

I can check in with my team for more info on this issue, but Zapier will probably be your best bet for questions about why it works the way it does now. I'll update this thread when I have more info on any current work being done.


Bummer. They say it's on Hubspot's end :worried: