Creating a one-all HubSpot Form with API




We’re wondering if we should just create one HubSpot main form for all of our email captures.

For the forms API onto our site, should we just create one HubSpot form that has every possible entry? So for the forms on our site where we only collect name and email will get sent to this HubSpot form and the other fields will be left blank.

For example, if someone fills out a form on our site with just their name and email, it will get sent to a HubSpot (that we’ll call Main Form) that has name, email, campus, experience, etc. but only name and email will get filled out. If this individual then fills out another form on our site that collect name, email, campus, and experience, it will fill out the fields that were left blank on the Main Form.

Can this be done? If so, why or why not should we do this? We’re thinking it would save time to do this.


Hi @Spencer_Bratman

It’s possible to do this, but it’s not something we recommend. Normally you’d want to create separate forms in HubSpot to make it easier to segment your contacts into lists, so for example you’d be able to send an email to everyone that filled out a specific form that would be specific to the content of the email. You’d also want to use different forms to make it easier to see what contacts are doing when viewing the record in HubSpot, since the name of the form would show up in the timeline when viewing the contact.

If you have a simple contact form that appears on multiple pages (or every page) of your site, you could reuse the same HubSpot form for that, but in general you’d want to create more specific forms for individual landing pages or at least campaigns.

It is possible to create forms using the Forms API, so you could automate the creation of new forms: