Creating a timeline event on a deleted contact



It seems that I can create timeline events on a contact that’s been deleted. The API continues to return a 204 response code. I was expecting a 400-level error so am curious what the use case is that this continues to work.

If I later fetch the contact by utk, I also receive a 200 status code and the is-contact property in the response is false. Is it safe for me to assume that if is-contact is false then the contact doesn’t exist anymore within HubSpot? Are there any other conditions where this could be false?



@ehynds When a contact is deleted from HS on the front end it is not permanently deleted on the back end for about 30-60 days(give or take). This is set for the case when someone accidentally deletes a contact they can call in and our support team can un-delete the contact. Was the contact you were working with recently deleted?


Thanks, that’s good info. Yes, the contact has only been deleted for a few hours.