Creating a Webhook in a Workflow Overloads Server



I am working with the Webhooks in a Hubspot workflow. When I create a new workflow with the enrolment criteria I get about 40 contacts. In the workflow there is a webhook that goes out to our website api (PHP) and saves some data to the user. Once I start the Workflow though it sends all 40 requests right away which overloads the server we have. Is there any way to limit the timing between it sending them all at once?


Can always consider using a queued job if it’s inside a framework.

For my ZF2 app I use SlmQueue to handle my emails


Hi @Johncarlo,

The web hook action will execute as quickly as possible when contacts are active in the workflow. There isn’t a way to limit the speed/frequency with which contacts go through workflows. I would recommend using a queued job per @dannio’s reply if you anticipate the frequency to exceed what your server can handle.


Thank you both! We implemented a queued job to solve it.