Creating contact (or company) properties that populate information from deal properties



I'm trying to build two workflows:

  1. The first would send automated emails upon a deal property's Contract Start Date (triggered by deal property fields, like "Closed/Won", etc. - which is doable). We are Salesforce users and Contract Start Date is a field we have in Salesforce at the opportunity level and it's mapped to Hubspot as a deal property. Since Hubspot does not trigger workflows based off deal properties, I'm trying to find ways around this issue.

  2. The second workflow would send automated renewal reminder emails to contacts (ex: 30 day renewal reminder emails) leading up to their renewal date. Renewal date is, again, a field we use at the Salesforce opportunity level that is mapped as a Hubspot deal property. Same issue as the first workflow: since Hubspot does not trigger workflows based off deal properties, my idea would be to somehow bulk transfer both fields to contact properties in Hubspot. The only catch is that they would have to automatically update (ex: when a new opportunity is created, I would want the renewal date in the contact record in Hubspot to updated as well).

Any ideas most appreciated.


Hi @Kate_Flaherty,

In general, I'd recommend reaching out to Support and/or posting on the HubSpot Community with questions about built-in functionality. This forum is dedicated to the HubSpot API and integration related issues. You can contact Support and/or check out the HubSpot Community by clicking on the 'Help' widget at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Or if you prefer, you can call Support at 1 888-482-7768 x3