Creating engagement (a task) via API and assigning to a named queue



Is it possible to assign a task to a named queue when creating a task via the API? For example: I have an existing task queue and I would like to be able to assign a task to that queue when (or immediately after) I create the task via the Engagements API.

Someone asked the question 11 months ago, and the answer was no. Is this still the case?



Hi @mainespotter,

At this time, that is still the case. Tasks must be added to queues in the UI; there are currently no automatic or programmatic options.

I personally have wanted to see such functionality for a while, though. I recommend upvoting on the following feature requests:

Since I did not find existing ideas for API support, I also recommend posting a new idea for that use case.


Thanks @Isaac_Takushi,

I will do all of those right now. I appreciate the response!


Happy to help, @mainespotter!