Creating Internal Notifications Based On Deal Close Date



My company does work for live events and we are trying to create internal notifications that are driven by our "event start date." Ideally, we would have reminder emails triggered by our "event start date" deal property (ie. email sent 90 days before, email sent 15 days before, email sent 5 days after, etc.).

To do this we had created a workflow that copies the "event start date" deal property to the "close date" contact property, but some contacts have multiple deals because they do more than one event a year and sometimes multiple in a few days timespan. The problem is the second event would be added and once it met the criteria, it would reset the contact workflow and the first event reminders won't be triggered now.

Does anyone have ideas on how to do this?


Welcome, @cfernow.

Off the top of my head, one solution would involve multiple workflows which have slightly different enrollment conditions to support concurrent events.

For example, if you create four identical workflows and tweak the enrollment criteria to check for a custom deal property like "Event Number," your team could create deals with Event Number "1" through "4" so that every client could have up to 4 events at the same time without having the notifications conflict with each other. You could add workflows and "Event Number" values as your business grows and your clients run more events.

Let me know if I can clarify this idea further.

Also, while we're happy to help here on the Forum, HubSpot support is your best bet for this type of advice and assistance. They're almost always faster to respond than we are here and you have 24/7 access to them with your subscription!