Creating Meeting Schedule via API does not create google calendar event



Hi there!

We are planning to have an integration with HubSpot. As part of the testing and research, we found out that creating a meeting via the API does not create an event in the connected calendar(Gmail), it only creates a meeting inside HubSpot. Unlike when creating the meeting manually via HubSpot website, it also creates a calendar event.

We use this API guide in creating a meeting engagement.

Would like to know if we are just missing something in the configuration so to allow this scenario.


Olivia Rafols


Hi @OliviaRafols Meetings created through the API do not have the same functionality as meetings booked through the native meetings tool, and a Google Calendar reminder would subsequently not appear on a contact's calendar if you create a meeting this way. One thing I did notice is that if I create a meeting in-app and add a calendar invite to Google, I can see the following in the JSON when I GET that engagement:

"metadata" : {
   "startTime" : 1543611600000,
   "endTime" : 1543612500000,
   "title" : "test",
   "body" : "<p>testtttt</p>",
   "externalUrl" : [""](,
   "preMeetingProspectReminders" : []

If you have a Calendar link, you can try also including the link in your request, which could work, but the way you're describing to have a link auto-generated is not possible.


Thank you for your reply @Connor_Barley! I'd like to try your suggestion of including the calendar link in the request. But to do that, I have to create first a calendar event via Google or Microsoft office using their respective APIs, which is a acceptable work-around for my case.

But another thing I want to ask is if I am going to proceed to the work-around I am thinking, is there a way in any of the HubSpot's APIs that allow me to know what calendar is connected/integrated to an user/owner? That way in my code, I will know which API to call to create the calendar event.



Hi @Connor_Barley. I actually tried to include a calendar link in the metadata response, but the created meeting thru API is still not linked to the google calendar link I've included. So the work-around I am thinking will still not work.


Hi @OliviaRafols, I just tested this out myself and can confirm that this workaround won't work. There's also no such endpoint you can hit to see which calendar is connected. I'd recommend posting your idea in the ideas forum: since I do think this would be a neat feature. For now and the foreseeable future, you'll need to create meetings in app if you'd like this functionality.


Thanks @Connor_Barley! I'll take that recommendation in mind. But for now we will stick to the current functionality.