Creating new event type returns error about application ID


I’m pretty to do a migration of data from our old CRM to HubSpot’s and am running into a problem trying to create a new timeline event type.

Using the docs here:

I’m getting this error when I hit the API:
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“unprocessable entity”,“correlationId”:"[redacted]",“errors”:[“applicationId must be greater than or equal to 1 (was 0)”],“requestId”:"[redacted]"}

I’ve specified the application ID but I’m still getting this error, any ideas?



Hi @lkohn

Can you message me directly with the exact URL you’re using?


I also have this same issue, was there any more information about it?


I managed to resolve this through a bit of guesswork. I added applicationId into the JSON body and it worked fine then, the documentation doesn’t suggest that was needed except in the URL but it appears to have made the difference for me.


I got this issue, can you please let me know about this.

“status”:“error”,“message”:“Application Id: 215 Not Authorized For Portal Id: 2660033”,“correlationId”:“7c1b4b54-e087-47d9-9994-f585bc6e5d00”,“requestId”:“c80dcef0ea36f2368591130ea01ac5ea”}’ (length=452)