Creating notes and attachments in contacts via api



Above specs clearly explains how we can send data to hubspot from external applications via api. But i can see there is no reference on how we can amend new notes and attachments in contacts.

I would like to know how we can send these data along with property data. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


@Shyam_Krishna Take a look here at the Engagements API.

A note would be an engagement that you can then associate to a Contact


Thanks for getting me back and thanks for that link.
I have gone through it. So just to confirm, please see below

Hope this will be fine?? Can i use curl php option here instead of json?

Also could you please provide more info on the attachment part. So for attachments, we need to use another api to import files and the fileid we got from that section need to include in above engagement api, right?

Please advise on the above mentioned points. Thanks again for the reply. Really appreciate that.


one more question, is there any specific server spec needed for this hubspot apis to work? Is there any links that can point to this ?



@Shyam_Krishna after you have created the engagement you can associate it with this end point here:

Also here are the general docs for HubSpot APIs

You can use cURL and PHP, you would still need to format the body of the call in JSON however.

There is not a way at the moment to associate a file via the API to a CRM object


sorry for troubling, i didnt get why you forwarded me that link of association.

Please see this api, here we could associate to contact. So why this one?

Sorry for troubling, i need clarification on this.

Regarding files, ok i think no files are allowed to import via api including imagesm pdf etc, right? Please confirm.

Also is there any server requirement for api to work externally?

Please get back on above queries and i think i am good to go. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


@Shyam_Krishna You can use either endpoint.

Confirming no files are allowed to import via the API

No requirements regarding servers. You just need to hit our API appropriately.


Thanks mate. Have a good day ahead.


can i ask you one more thing? Can we change this ?
i would like to provide another name via api for instead of “new Note”. Is it possible?


@Shyam_Krishna No there isn’t an option for a title in the Metadata at the moment.