CRM Extension API OAuth permissions issue



hi, I’m attempting to use the CRM Extensions API with OAuth access, but I’m getting an error:
403 for URL: [HTTP Response: 403 Forbidden]** http error stream ***{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This oauth-token (“xxx”) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [developers-access])”,“correlationId”:"",“requestId”:""}

OAuth scopes which I successefully granted:

Could you please tell me what could be wrong with my query.


Hi @Vasiliy,

Requests to get or update sales objects have to be made you your developer portal, using your developer hapikey.


Hi Derek,

am I getting rigth that CRM Extensions API couldn’t be queried through Rest API using OAuth authentication? HAPIkey only?


Hi @Vasiliy,

The issue is that the CRM sales objects (and other settings) live in your developer portal, while the actual extension lives in the installed portal. Requests related to the actual functioning of the CRM extension must be authenticated via OAuth, but to make updates to your sales objects, you need to use your developer hapikey:


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thanks for being in touch! Your answer helped me.

kind regards,