CRM Extension card not showing up



I’m trying to integrate the CRM extension API with my site. I have an ashx handler set up and is responding with JSON to test requests sent from Postman. I believe I am sending back all the required fields, but the extension isn’t working properly in the contact timeline. I just need to know if I’m not sending all the data I need to, if it isn’t formatted how it should be, or something else.

Sidecard Loading Error

Hi @batson

Have you checked the logging for your extension requests? If you view the settings for the app, then Monitoring > Extension Logging, you’ll see a log of requests made for your extension objects, including the fetch requests made to load the card, and you’ll get some extra details about the errors that might be happening with the fetch requests.


I’m getting a Response deserialization error


When I paste the request URI of one of the Deserialization errors into postman and send that, I get this JSON response:
(I have changed the primary action to be an action hook instead)


            "title":"Report Cards",
                    "label":"Send Report Card"


@batson this looks like a casing issue. You need to use objectId (lowercase d) instead of objectID for the results objects.


That seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks David!