CRM Extension : passing currently logged in owner detail(phone) to request as specified in dataFetchUri


Hi there,

I am trying to place an outbound call from hubspot crm. To place an outbound call from hubspot crm customer/contact number and agent/owner number is required.

After going through api doc i tried to use CRM extension APIs. According to api doc
an object can be created associating contact/company/deal and associated hubspot object properties will be passed to request specified in dataFetchUri. I can associate my object with contact specifying phone property so that i will get contact/customer number in request whenever a owner loads a contact but how to get logged in owner detail(phone) in request.

please provide suggestion. If there is any other way to achieve my requirements please update.

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Hi @Gourav_Kumar,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you trying to add a user’s phone number? Or add a contact’s phone number to the contact record?