CRM Extension Popup Window size


We are implementing integration with hubspot. We have implemented CRM extension for that according to this documentation:

We have action type which creates popup window with IFRAME inside. In this IFRAME user can interact with our service.

Many of our customers wants to have this IFRAME much larger. But looks like the Hubsport ignores width and height more than 1723x673.

Is it possible to made this IFRAME larger than default values?
Is it possible to open window in new tab by pressing on the PrimaryAction button instead of opening popup window with IFRAME?


Hi @Vladimir_Kudiurkin,

I'll try to address your questions individually:

  1. It's not currently possible to make the iframe any larger than the default. I don't know if this is something we'd be willing to support, since the content of a CRM Extension iframe is intended to fit within the existing design of the HubSpot UI.
  2. There isn't any action type to navigate to an external page / open up a new tab, but you can include a link field that can be returned for each sales object. This link would allow user to navigate to an external page.