CRM Extension signatures do not match




The signatures sent by the CRM extensions for dataFetchURI do not match with the one we calculate on our side using PHP: sha256( App secret + http method + request uri (with query string) + body (empty on GET requests) ).

Our APP Id: 62188

Is something broken? Is there something we are missing?



Hi @fastjack ,

Can you direct message me the following so that I can take a closer look for you?

  1. Your App ID.
  2. A full request including: the method, the url, the full body and the HubSpot Signature.
  3. the hash that gets returned and the hash your system generates

This way I'll be able to test on my own end. Thank you!


I am unable to send you a direct message. It says you do not accept message at the moment (since yesterday...).

What's going on?


whoops! Can you try now?