CRM Extensions API action hook fails (solved)


Hi Forum,

I’m trying to set up interactions with my own site’s database using the CRM Extensions API.
I’ve successfully retrieved data, and I’m now trying to setup action hooks.

I have successfully used the Iframe action, but when I try to make an action of the type ACTION_HOOK or CONFIRMATION_ACTION_HOOK, the response is “label” failed - handed to me through a toast message.

I’ve now shortened the code to the most basic, but the response is the same. The code used for the action hook:

{ “results”: [
“objectId”: 246,
“title”: “xxxx”,
“actions”: [
“type”: “ACTION_HOOK”,
“httpMethod”: “POST”,
“associatedObjectProperties”: [ ],
“uri”: “”,
“label”: “Test”
] }

By watching network traffic, I’ve found that clicking the link sends a POST request to:
with the following payload:

applicationId: 52235
applicationName: "Hotshottest1"
associatedObjectId: 655
associatedObjectProperties: []
associatedObjectType: "CONTACT"
httpMethod: "POST"
integrationName: "Hotshottest1"
objectId: 246
objectTypeId: 211
uri: “

And the response is:
500 Internal Server Error

Do you have any idea how to proceed? Am I missing something, eg. a required scope? The error is similar on a CRM & sales only server and on a full test server.


The solution was that the action URI needs to be in the list of Base URIs defined in the CRM extension API part of the App. I can’t find this in the documentation.

SideCard GET action works in Postman but not in Sidecard

Can someone at Hubspot Clarify the documentation that the BASE URI needs to be set for ACTION_HOOK and CONFIRMATION_ACTION_HOOK actions to work. Also for some reason the BASE URI does not need to be set for IFRAME actions, adding to more confusion.


I had the same problem: 500 error when performing the action request.
After setting the app's base URI - the action request working like a charm!