CRM Extensions for Tickets Page



Hi there,
Is there a way to providing a sidebar / use the CRM extension API for tickets?

We heavily use the CRM extension. But it doesn't seem to be available for tickets (judging from documentation).

How can we get the API extended to include tickets?



Hi @Basil_Weibel, at the moment we don't have immediate plans to add CRM extensions to tickets, but it's looking like it will be on the roadmap in 2019. At this point I cannot confidently give you an accurate timeline


Our team is wondering, what is your use case for CRM extensions for tickets? We're trying to gather as much feedback as possible. Thanks and have a great weekend!


Hi Connor,
thanks for getting back to me.

  1. We have our own extension to create, link and update shipments/parcels. So for each deal we create one or multiple shipments. Now for support tickets we regularly happen to send replacement parts; so we need associate shipments with tickets. Actually we expected the extension to work for tickets as well since a ticket is as much a CRM object as a deal. But right now we need to create a deal associated to a ticket and then associate the deal with a shipment.

  2. All our documents are managed with Pandadoc (e.g. loaner contracts, quotes, purchase orders, waybills, terms for special programs etc). Sometimes the solution to a ticket is selling a service or as said above, shipping something. In both cases we need to associate documents with the ticket. But since there is no extension, Pandadoc cannot provide their extension for tickets.

  3. Not sure if other extensions (calling, whatever uses sidebars) wouldn't be useful for tickets as well.

Long term we would like to see custom objects, but in the short term we would build work arounds using the CRM extension API - but it is impossible as long as tickets are not included.

I would classify CRM extensions for tickets as one of my top 3 hubspot pain points (next to file size limitations in the support form and display of property groups in the records view; whereas the last one is again more for workarounds around custom objects.)

Let me know if that was understandable.


Wow, thank you so much for the detail and explanation here. I'll let the team that runs CRM extensions know of your feedback and see if we can push the priority of this up. I know that in 2019 we're investing heavily into becoming a true platform, and custom objects are certainly high up on our list of todos, so i hope both your workaround and your ideal solution will be possible in the future. Thanks again for providing your use case - it's immensely helpful for us!


Sounds great! Thanks for pushing it internally. Both solutions would be very exciting for us!