CRM to retrieve data from my database


What I want to do is to populate my created column "status" in CRM
with details from my database. when trying to update contacts.

Is this possible?


Hi @hcandres,

If "status" is a contact property, you can use the Contacts API to push information into HubSpot:


Thank you @Derek_Gervais , But what I want is CRM to retrieve data from my database.
Do you think is is possible? or the only way is to push/update contacts in CRM by Contacts API?


Hi @hcandres,

By CRM, are you referring to the HubSpot CRM? Or to an external CRM? The Contacts API will allow you to both import/export contact information from the HubSpot CRM. If you're looking to import/export info without using the HubSpot API, you can also take a look at some of HubSpot's built-in import/export functionality (see below). If you can give me some more specific information on what exactly you're trying to do, I can likely give you some more advice.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Yes I'm refering to HubSpot CRM,
in the CONTACTS, there is a "Preview" were I can Edit contacts details,
what I want is that, some feilds that I want to be fill-in by data coming from our database without doing any import to CRM CONTACTS.

I've been looking into documents and forum discussion, but what I only understand is that only API is the only way to communicate/integrate with HubSpot CRM.


Hi @hcandres,

That's correct, the HubSpot API is the only way to sync data between HubSpot and another platform. Depending on the other platform you're using, there might be an existing integration, so it'd be worth looking at our integrations directory before starting to build a connector.


Hi @hcandres

Yes, the API is the most comprehensive way to synchronise data, between systems, in real time.

You could use a 3rd Party system like Zapier or Automate IO if you database is accessible.

We recently created a HubSpot App with a Webhook Subscription which may work for you. Specifically, when a Company's "watched property" is changed we log it to an external log so we know who did what and when.

Good luck