CTA Refresh meta tag



We started getting errors on our SEO Audit that we are using an outated refresh meta tag on our site. We use hubspot COS for our blog.

The SEO Audit tool we use is SEMRush and the error says this:

"A meta refresh tag instructs a web browser to redirect a user to a different page after a given interval. Generally, it is recommended that you avoid using a meta refresh tag as it is considered a poor, slow and outdated technique that may lead to SEO and usability issues."

The recommendation given is to switch to a 301 redirect, however, as far as we can tell this is used by an intermediary CTA page to redirect to the final url.

Is there any way to change how this is implemented?


Hi, @Nate.

As you mention, this tag is likely being used by the click-tracking redirect domain which HubSpot uses to track CTA clicks.

That said, thanks for bringing this to our attention! If you share screenshots of SEMRush's recommendations, I'll pass them to the team which owns CTAs for review. It's not possible to change this behavior on your end, though.


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply.
Sure you can check out the following screenshots:



Hey, @Nate.

Thanks for providing these screenshots! I'll share this information with the product team which owns CTAs, however I am almost certain the meta refresh tag is an essential component to CTA click tracking.

SEMRush's recommendation reads:

If this tag is used to redirect an old page to a new one, replace it with a 301 redirect.

For your blogs, the tag is not used to redirect old pages to new ones but likely to redirect from the CTA tracking domain to your live page.

Again, I'll pass this information to the team, but to be transparent I wouldn't expect a change to this behavior in the near future.