CTA UTM Parameters


Hi there

We have an issue where our firewall is blocking certain of the CTA url's.
We have found the issue relates specifically to the UTM Parameters which are part of the full CTA url but when the redirect takes place from Hubspot to our platform the UTM Parameters are still part of the full url and sometimes blocked by the firewall. Is there a way to strip off the UTM Parameters and pass the end url directly to our clean, without UTM Parameters, url?



Hi @GaryGoetsch, there's no way to stop those CTA UTM parameters from showing up unless you don't use the CTA tool in HubSpot. These parameters are what allow the CTA tool and HubSpot record if the buttons have been clicked or not. You can either just used styled anchor links and lose the tracking of the HubSpot CTAs, or alter your firewall's security


Thanks Connor
What would be the purpose of sending the UTM parameters on to our web server? These serve no purpose in our environment. We require the tracking, which is working well.

Below is a portion of the url from the click on the CTA:
https://www.google.com/url?q=https://hs-4276651.t.hubspotemail.net/e2t/c/*W925qSg4p8JHCW7pBBsn6HgG130/*W6DsYB34l2NhmW1zD3jT6bWZ_30/5/f18dQhb0S1Wb2fcTYHV11R8s30ssvqW29pGqj79NDmvW36Dhx39dRQvPW3RRjPT7JD1n3W1njBYG4bpKy9W976ysQ8DYS3QW4SbdtS3zFq_pW1y7x1f6_TfKkW1_zHx84LSgdQW227Scc5yKSG8W3rqyxD9j-2bLW6ztnWh1p3TP7W39MY-K1nTvnFW199w-B53hwB6MlPn86GjMJwW2G0Pn_3BzgwPW4nyVqC1B21zCN7-cJPvCd-P5N8J-PHlVzwTBW8y5GvK4v4MsfW36MvpP7kG9psW2ZMJJG6b9H1mN7C2K8kWPHkPW3QH6B95K4N-gW2DvbJF6Dx10vW3W8C3k4pQKxjVByzyZ102zzGW6QKwdS8dLBJJW77DssF7PHn7BW5Kr4xp3XR19bW8HdfQ18Z9vkKVLt_yS2KP0T7W54FmSP8-8y-JW1ch6cQ8P8Z3qW6HXYV43rc-X-W7s6pvz5vcQwmN1l0gLGKvynmV380xN6k0ghWVhVN5N8VGbKRW5gzjRm6fTxqBW4SPkTG1MV2vkW5HxRx01hnt ...

The above is what would fire off the relevant tracking within Hubspot right?
The browser then goes to the following url:
... /account/register?utm_campaign=Friend%27s%20Initial%20Invitation&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--1S0oYThu59mt- ...

The UTM data is completely irrelevant in our environment, and I dont understand why this data is being sent - unless I am not correctly understanding the process in which the full cycle completes?

Our environment is built on PCI DSS standards and we cannot lower the firewall rules and do require the tracking - any other way that we can solve this?



Hi @GaryGoetsch, I'd expect the URL after clicking a CTA to include HubSpot tracking parameters like hssc hstc etc. as per this doc: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/reports/what-cookies-does-hubspot-set-in-a-visitor-s-browser, not that long string. Can you reply with a link to the page that the CTA is currently on?


Hi Connor

The CTA is on an email which we send out from Hubspot. If there is a way that I can send you the emails personally I am happy to share with you?



Hey @GaryGoetsch, yep you can just link me to the email in HubSpot so I can take a look at exactly what you're seeing on your end


It's not sensitive information so just linking it here will work


Hi Connor

Can you pls explain how I link you to the email in Hubspot?
This problem is specific is specific emails - some people experience this issue and others dont, in fact 4 out of 60 emails experienced this issue


Hi @GaryGoetsch, if you copy the URL from the email editor in your portal that should suffice.




Hi Connor, any update from the link I sent as requested?


Hi @GaryGoetsch, sorry, I just saw your reply now. I've confirmed that this is expected behavior and is not possible to disable externally as David noted on this thread: Tracking CTAs outside of Hubspot. The post is from 2017, but I've confirmed that this is still the case. The query parameters being added in your case are:


These are all expected to be added from emails and from CTA's.


Hi Connor, we seem to be missing each other. I understand the parameters are required for the CTA tracking in Hubspot (we set this up and it is working as intended) - my question is what is the relevance of these parameters being sent to my platform, which is the next hop in the sequence, which has no way of interpreting or using them?
As dadams explains in the link you included in your reply above - "the clicks are tracked by a click-tracking server" for which the parameters are a requirement. The redirect to the target url should go directly to the specified target url, exactly as the input on the Hubspot setup has it, without the paramters (they serve no purpose at all)


Hi @GaryGoetsch, all CTA clicks are tracked by the click-tracking server, so regardless of the destination of the link, the parameters will be added. It's more of a failsafe in that the tracking server cannot differentiate between what might be a HubSpot link or what's being sent to your platform so it adds those parameters to everything. I'd recommend posting your suggestion to remove these parameters when going to external sites in our Ideas Forum