CTA's with dynamic HUBDB pages


I have some pages that use the dynamic HUBDB setup to create pages. But we want to use CTA’s on the page and I notices that there isn’t really a great way to do this. Currently I tried creating a text field that you can put the CTA id into and then pulling it on the page like this

    {% module_block module "module_151732690003350" overrideable=false, widget_name='Call-to-Action', module_id=1790629, guid= dynamic_page_hubdb_row.download_cta, label='Call-to-Action' %}
    {% end_module_block %}

where the guide equals the value I set in the database to be the CTA’s id. I figure it might work if I used a CTA embed code instead but it would be nice if there was a cleaner way to do this. So I was wondering if anyone had any work-arounds or better ideas on how to do this?