Cumulative field



Was wondering if there is any option to create a cumulative field that can be updated for contacts.

for example, I want to track the number of interactions with a specific feature on our site.
So every time that happens, we add to the existing count.

Any idea how I can do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Elad_Levy You can do this with in our workflow tool. If you have a pro or an enterprise account. Depending on the type of event you might need to use our events tool if it is not something that can be tracked out of the box.


Great idea, thanks

Basically we’re interested in the number of searches a user performed on our site, which can be numerous within a single session.
This might result in several consecutive enrollments to the same WF.

Would a WF still be a valid option for this scenario?
If so how would you suggest we trigger the enrollment? (My guess is a custom property that changes)


@Elad_Levy I’m don’t think I have enough understanding of what this “event” is. Can you go into more detail on it? If you have an enterprise account you could use our events tool to log an event and use it for the trigger.


Sorry, I should have been clearer :slight_smile:

We operate a marketplace, so one of our goals is getting the users to search on our site.
So part of the onboarding flow for certain users is dependent on whether or not they have performed a search on our site.

So basically we would like to have a field that increments per search performed so that above X searches I can trigger a certain workflow action.

Also, we have the Pro account under the Startup plan (fingers crossed we’ll hit Enterprise soon)

Hope that clarifies


@Elad_Levy That sounds like a perfect use case for our events tool. Since that isn’t an option you could always log the event your self and send to a local server on your side. Then you can reach our update contact endpoint to update the property.



Thanks for the patience and detailed response :slight_smile: