Custom API with Tech Target Not Giving Correct Original Source & Original Source Drill Down 1 Data


We’re using a Forms Submission API with a 3rd party vendor for a content syndication campaign. They’re promoting content on their site, and then using our form to pass the contact through into hubspot.

I have two issues, i can’t get visibility to isolate these form leads to this campaign, and i want to be able to name the page they came in from so i can tell which of the assets they downloaded using the form.

Issue 1: Currently the sample leads that have been sent through aren’t pulling through correct original source data. They are coming through as “Original Source = Direct Traffic”, and “Original Drill Down Source 1 = e3875d32-ab81-48f1-9e78-493eae864f12”. I wanted to see the contacts come through with “Original Source = Offline Sources”, and Original Drill Down Source 1 = API" then Original Drill Down Source 2 = something to identify this campaign"

Issue 2: Can the API pass through a name for a page, or some identifier so when I look at the contact’s activity feed i can see that they submitted the form, and have it list a page name the API specifies so we can track which asset landing page they were on when they submitted the form? I have to think that is something that we could have the custom API pass through?


Hi @mfitzgerald-plutora,

I’ll try to address each of your questions separately, for clarity. Starting with the first:

  1. The forms API is not considered to be an ‘Offline Source’. Submissions to the forms API can contain tracking/analytics information, and contacts created via the forms API will be bucketed the same as a contact created through a HubSpot form. In this case, there isn’t any tracking information being included with the form submission. HubSpot sees that there’s no tracking info, but the contact submitted a form, and infers that the contact came from direct traffic.
    • As a side note, the ‘Original Source’ properties are not customizable. It’s not possible to update them through the UI or API, and custom values aren’t accepted. These properties are intended to track the channel that a contact first visited your site through, and obeys strict bucketing rules (here). You might consider using a different custom property (like ‘Lead Source’) to track asset attribution.
  2. Form submissions that appear in the timeline will show whatever appears in the pageTitle field of the hs_context parameter of the form submission. Otherwise, it defaults to the form title. You can include the pageTitle field (and the pageUrl field) in your hs_context parameter to show the page where the form was submitted on the timeline activity.