Custom Checkbox/Radios


Hi guys

I am looking to do some custom styling on my checkboxes and radio inputs across my site however I am finding the mark up that outputs these inputs into forms to be quite limiting. Is there a way I can restructure the HTML markup for these two inputs, so that whenever myself or someone from my team builds a form it outputs my updated markup rather than Hubspots default?



Hi @MikeyWallis,

You can prevent forms from applying default styling, and then use the form markup to apply your own styling. The following articles discuss how to do that, respectively:


I’m getting a weird bug when I apply the styles listed in the articles above. I have a checkbox that I have changed the width, height, background-color, etc. for, and it looks great in the preview for the landing page, but if I look at the actual landing page or preview in a separate window the styles disappear.