Custom cookie request: List membership



Hello, first post. Here we go :smiley:

I was searching to see if the existing HS cookies contained contact list membership information, apparently they don't.

Could there be any way to achieve this with some custom setup? I would like to use it this cookie value to further personalise page content in a way I'm currently unable to with smart content alone.

Here's a simple scenario: user has subscribed to a newsletter, let's store this info as a list membership value into a cookie and use that cookie information to hide the newsletter subscription box from anyone who has said value stored.

If this has been discussed already, please point me right direction and delete this. Thanks.


Hi @Ilkka.Tuominen,

Welcome! The list-memberships array can be retrieved with a contact's vid or email, but there's no way to selectively write these values to the hubspotutk cookie.

That said, I believe the simple scenario you described can be accomplished with a smart form module. You can show the subscription form to visitors who do not belong to an active list containing all subscribers and surface a different form to existing subscribers. If you wish to hide the form entirely, you can embed the form in a rich text module and leave the smart variation for subscribers blank.


Here's a similar topic which Derek answered.